Wind Power Is Already At 5% Of The World’s Electricity Production


The use of wind power energy satisfies more than 5% of the electricity consumption on a planetary scale, according to a recent study. According to the survey, during the past season, wind power expanded by 52,573 MW. That is, roughly 52.5 GW, and thus totaled 539,581 MW (539.5 GW) installed. China, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, and India were the five leading contributors to green energy growth.

The Chinese market, which tops the international ranking, incorporated some 19 GW to reach a power of 188 GW. That is, 35% of the world’s wind power generation. The United States, for its part, added 7.1 GW per year and reached 89 GW in total. In India, meanwhile, those values were 4.1 and 32.9 GW, respectively.

According to “Global Wind Statistics,” the European Union (EU) experienced its best year, recording a record 16.8 GW of added capacity. The nations that contributed most to this growth were Germany (which installed about 6.5 GW), and the United Kingdom (4.2 GW) were the leaders.

Wind power is already at 5% of the world’s electricity production

Other markets that made a significant contribution were Finland, Belgium, Ireland, and Croatia. Mainly, noteworthy was the excellent performance of the offshore wind industry, which expanded by around 25% by more than 3 GW. The power of the segment currently stands at 15.8 GW.

Altogether, the EU already has 169 GW that supply the energy needs of 60 million households, replace imports of fossil fuels by more than 13,000 million Euros and avoid the emission into the atmosphere of 187 million tons of carbon dioxide (CO2).

For the GWEC, Argentina is currently positioned as the seventh largest wind power energy market in Latin America. The Argentine government specified that the country has so far an installed and operating power of 228 MW. In line with the objective established by Law 27.191 to achieve that renewable sources in 2025 supply 20% of local electricity consumption, the report highlighted.


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