A Wave of Heat in the Arctic Leaves Scientists Confused


Scientists are baffled to see the new weather spikes in the Arctic. Usually, they are used to seeing lower temperatures variations but the uncommon heat that is happening right now is very weird.

What is happening?

One of the researchers at the University of California, named Zack Labe, found out that the northern latitude of 80 degrees showed temperatures during the day that have not been recorded for 60 years.

Amelie Meyer, a researcher at the Norwegian Polar Institute stated that having zero degrees temperatures in February is not normal at all.

The cause of the event and what it means

These uncommon temperatures may be due to a hot air current that is moving north and that has pushed a cold air current south. However, this is still uncommon as hot air should not be able to travel so far at this time.

It’s also concerning to see that weather stations like Cape Morris Jessup have registered uncommon temperatures for this time of year. This weather station managed to record about 61 hours above freezing so far this year. This is by far a new record as it tops the previously recorded 16 hours above freezing in April of 2011.

Apart from high temperatures, scientists are looking concerned at the moving patterns of ice in the Bering Sea. It’s very troubling to see that the actual levels of ice this February mirror the levels of ice that are usually seen in late spring or early summer.

Main concern

Ice is more than important when it comes to stabilizing climate temperatures. It reflects sunlight back to space and when it melts the ocean absorbs sun rays which would then increase heat levels. If scientists believed that 2050 will be the year when the Arctic will be ice-free, it looks like this winter and the previous one are throwing all these estimates out of the window.

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