The Trump Administration and Environmental Awareness – How Are They Dealing With It?


President Barack Obama and climate change

Back in 2015, Barack Obama revealed a new plan for clean energy, titled the Clean Power Plan. His speech at the time was centered on the idea that climate change is a very big problem in today’s society and that it is not only strongly encouraged to fight against it, but that it is a moral obligation for every citizen and for the government as well. His thoughts and ideas were shared by many multinational companies and even by the Safe Climate Caucus which was, at the time, a very socially aware decision for those that chose to fight against climate change and pollution.

How does the Trump administration deal with climate change?

It seems that the Trump administration is willing to jeopardize the integrity of the nation, and on a larger scale that of the whole world, by choosing to reject Barack Obama’s plan.

Scott Pruitt, who is in charge of The Environmental Protection Agency, looks like he is trying to undermine the work and the research of the nation’s scientists and the EPA’s legal obligation on purpose by trying to repeal the Clean Power Plan. Whether or not he is doing this consciously, his actions will jeopardize the health and safety of future generations.

What should we do about this?

First of all, a thing like this must never happen. The EPA is holding sessions centered on the appeal of the Clean Power Plan all over the country and people must participate and speak their minds not only for the sake of the environment but for the community as a whole.

It’s irrelevant whether or not one believes that climate change was caused by humans or not. It’s obvious that some of the effects can be seen today and that is troubling. Almost everyone has seen some form of media centered on the images of the disasters that hurricane Harvey, Irma and Maria have caused. The wildfires in California are yet another example of this. This is all due to climate change, which is caused by carbon pollution. Were we to ignore these early signs of future disasters, we’d only help create even more loss in the future, regardless of it being monetary or the loss of human life.

How would the lack of the Clean Power Plan affect the children?

One should think of the effects that the Clean Power Plan will have on one’s children. Repealing this plan could lead to more cases of asthma, children getting sick and the worst one of all, premature child deaths.

To some this may seem a frightening tale of a distant future, one that cannot affect them in any way. However, societies all over the world and in different periods of time have worked to create a better future for their children. We should do the same and make sure that climate change does not get even worse.

How would the lack of the Clean Power Plan affect people of color?

It is no surprise for anyone that the public health system is already worse and more difficult to access by people of color. The Clean Power Plan would benefit them as well. How would this happen? Well, generally speaking, people of color live in regions of the city that are more affected by pollution. Obama’s plan could help elevate these high levels of pollution and, therefore, help these regions as well.


The Clean Power Plan is a much needed fresh breath of air and a step in the right direction for the USA. People should be more aware of the good outcome that preventing pollution would have on the environment, on everyone’s health and, most importantly, on everyone’s future and the future of their off springs

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