The World Economic Forum is Concerned About Climate Change


The issue of climate change and how it is affecting us on a daily basis is a very early concern of humanity. People have really started to talk about it a decade ago, when Al Gore came out with a documentary that was about global warming.

Why are not people interested about climate change?

The main issue that people are being faced with when it comes to climate change is that the matter is simply too boring. People and institutions that know more about it use a very difficult language in order to convey what they man, a fact that usually pushes people away. Moreover, most people think that this is a problem that will only affect the world in the distant future so they are not the ones that need to think about it. Last but not least, even with the recent devastating natural events and the constantly changing temperature levels, some people believe that it is all natural. However, these are all warning signs that a catastrophe of unthinkable proportions may happen in the near future.

What is the problem?

The beginning of 2018 was marked by very weird temperatures all over the world for this year. The United States were hit with a plethora of uncommon meteorological events, such as very powerful blizzards and intense floods. We should not leave out the fact that in 2017 wildfires devastated a huge part of the vegetation In California and the region also experienced a very strong drought. However, these events are not limited to the US, happening to some degree all over the world.

Why are all these events happening?

All the recent events that seem to just break every weather record ever made can be explained by the man-made effects of climate change. However, some people may want to argue that they all are a product of luck, but it seems a bit too much to attribute all of them to a string of bad luck.

The sea levels are rising

Since the Earth is getting hotter year by year, it looks like even more moisture is getting trapped in the atmosphere. Temperature records are getting higher every year and this all may be leading to a terrifying outcome. It is certain that these temperatures would have never been recorded if man hadn’t influenced in some way the climate and we cannot lie to ourselves and say that that is impossible since everyone is aware that pollution is happening almost everywhere to varying levels.

The high temperatures undoubtedly lead to stronger hurricanes and even typhoons. Scientists are certain that rising sea levels are a cause of the increasing number of floods and storms. For example, the Strait of Singapore’s sea level has increased with a speed of 1.2mm or 1.7mm each year since 1975.

What should we watch out for?

The World Economic Forum showed that one of the biggest threats that humanity could ever be faced with is not what people may first think of, like famine or war, but the devastating after effects of an extreme weather event.

How can we fight against such a thing happening?

The answer is clear. Governments must enforce anything at their disposal in order to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions. What can be done in order to perform this task efficiently is investing in crops that can resist droughts, buildings that are harsh weather resistant and even more, policies that make people stop building in unstable places. Also, people should start to use sustainable energy that does not create even more gas emissions or use up the Earth’s already almost depleted natural resources. We need to start right now in order to stop our planet from going on a devastating path.

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