The Human Factor – It Might Just Be Too Late To Change The Future


During the last thousands of years, humans have proclaimed themselves as the masters of everything that exists on the planet Earth. Most probably, this very idea of superiority appeared when humans invented tools and found how to use the land that surrounded them and the plants that could be used as foods. But these facts led to what is happening nowadays, namely, the negative influence the humans have on the environment causing climate change which exposes less intelligent species to extinction and, further on, will bring the extinction of the humanity itself.

Nature, for millions of years, has remained in balance, self-regulating itself despite naturally-occurring climatic changes or catastrophes. However, at this moment, nature (or the environment, if you want) is facing humans who are smart enough to develop tools and methods to take advantage of the ecosystem services and even change the entire nature but are careless and egocentric, at the same time.

Some men woke up from the superiority dream and decided to act for nature

There are many people, organizations, and companies that have understood that we must take action and block the road that leads us to extinction, along with the other living creatures and plants on our small Blue Planet.

Many companies can be clear examples of how we can combine efficiency, quality assurance and economic benefits which can match an environmental-friendly attitude.

The future is gloomy

On the other side, there are the big industrial sharks which target only the profits and act with great carelessness for the environment. There, the governments and international unions should intervene with stricter legislation and rules.

Thankfully, more and more countries, regardless of their economic development, adopt laws and measures to protect the environment. Unfortunately, the implementation of environmental-friendly measures in various fields of the industry is slow and we may have already passed beyond the ‘point of no return’.

With more and more extreme climate phenomena due to climate change, global warming due to CO2 emissions, deforestation, and further on, the Earth can’t hold it anymore. As we speak, many animal and plants species are on the brink of extinction and, despite recent measures to stop it, the human factor has worked against the environment for too much time and, tragically, it just might be too late to change the gloomy dark future into a brighter one.

Erin VanDyke lives on her family farm and has more than 35 years of hands-on experience with the use of livestock guard dogs for predator control. On their farm, Jan and her family use corgis as herding dogs and have raised Shetland sheep, Fainting goats, Morgan and Trakehner horses, and historic breeds of chickens and turkeys. Erin is also an active beekeeper.


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