The Geomagnetic Storm That is Supposed to Hit Earth is Not Real


There have been plenty of rumors about a big geomagnetic storm that was supposed to hit the Earth on March 18. However, the story is not a real one, and it alarmed people for no reason. Luckily, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration came to reveal the truth and calm us all.

The geomagnetic storm is not real

Bob Rutledge leads the Space Weather Forecast Center and he was the one who explained that space weather looks very good, and there is not a single threat. There aren’t even any spots on the sun. This makes the story of the storm very ridiculous.

The story was one of the most popular topics recently and Google News revealed that it was one of the top science news stories. However, it appears that the origin for this rumor was a chart that was posted by Russia’s Lebedev Institute. The geomagnetic activity for March 18th was a bit different from the rest, which could mean a minor storm at most. However, many took this way more seriously.

What are geomagnetic storms?

A geomagnetic storm is a disturbance in the magnetosphere of Earth that happens because of a cloud magnetic field or a solar wind shock. These storms are usually rated on a scale. The less serious one is the G1 storm, and this kind of storms happen all the time, but they are not dangerous. However, a G5 is quite serious and it is the most extreme one.

Nevertheless, you should know that there won’t be a massive geomagnetic storm on March 18th. At most, there might be a minor G1 storm that you probably won’t even notice. Even if there would be a big geomagnetic storm, you would have to prepare the same way you do with other storms. Have some food and water stored properly and gas for your car.

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