Scientists Warn That Greenland’s Ice Will Melt by the End of the Millennium


It is a well-known fact that climate change will probably have a significant impact on our planet. It will produce about 19 to 63 inches of the sea level rise all around the globe. The scientists from the Geophysical Institute from the University of Alaska Fairbanks have some concerns regarding the future. They believe that this problem will become evident in the next 200 years. Also, if the temperatures keep rising, and the greenhouse gas emissions are still unopposed, the ice that we have now in Greenland will melt at even higher rates than they initially expected. The climate forecasts are with about 80% higher than estimated, with 35% inches of sea level rise from the ice melt from Greenland.

What does the future hold for us?

Scientists have also talked about this critical situation. They have warned us that all the ice of Greenland will be gone in a thousand years from now. An associate professor From the University of Alaska Fairbanks said that we would have a significant impact on how Greenland would look in the future – like in a hundred years or a thousand years. This climate forecast was presented in a study that was published in June in the journal called “Science Advances.”

The ice will melt until the year 3000

Scientists used the data that they collected by the Operation IceBridge airborne mission from NASA. With them, they have predicted that the ice from Greenland will melt up to the year 3000.

The scientists used 500 computer models of tree completely different climate forecasts. They were able to predict the rate of which the ice will melt. All of these three different climate scenarios were all about the amount of greenhouse gas that exists in the atmosphere.

How dangerous is this situation?

Scientists said that, if we do nothing to reduce the impact of the greenhouse emissions (humans are, by the way, the reason for that) Greenland will lose its ice by the end of the millennium.


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