New Study Shows that Earth’s Climate and Environment is Affected by Jupiter and Venus


A new study is showing that our planet’s orbit is influenced by Jupiter and Venus and this has an impact on Earth’s life forms and climate changes. The study proves that Earth’s orbit around the sun changes from circular to elliptical, and then switches right back which causes a gravitational influence every 405,000 years.

Orbit Change is Affecting Life Forms

There are tens of studies where researchers prove that our planet’s climate and environment has been heavily affected by the shifts in Earth’s orbit around the sun. In fact, some researchers are saying that these shifts are tied directly to dinosaurs, mammals and fossils. Furthermore, these discoveries have been made by closely analyzing sediments in Arizona and New Jersey.

The 405,000 Year Cycle

Another interesting thing that researchers have been able to find out about this 405,000-year cycle pattern is that it can be seen in Earth’s magnetic field. Not just that, but the rocks from Arizona and New Jersey show that as well.

Dennis V. Kent Statement

“It’s an astonishing result because this long cycle, which had been predicted from planetary motions through about 50 million years ago, has been confirmed through at least 215 million years ago. Scientists can now link changes in the climate, environment, dinosaurs, mammals and fossils around the world to this 405,000-year cycle in a very precise way” said Dennis V. Kent who is the lead author of the study in the cause.

Side Effects

One of the first things that happen during this cycle is that Earth’s magnetic field gets reversed. Therefore, compasses are going to point towards South instead of North. Another side effect would be that summers get hotter than usual. With that being said, the gravitational “tugs” from Jupiter and Venus are slightly elongating our planet’s orbit. The study has been conducted by National Science Foundation scientists.

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