NASA Released Time-Lapse Video Showing The Arctic Ice Melting Since 1978


NASA has recently released a time-lapse video documenting the drastic Arctic ice melting, over the time, since 1978 until the present days. Although we all experience the consequences of global warming in our day to day lives, there are still many things we still don’t know on the subject, yet.

As another example of the existence of this phenomenon and its consequences, NASA published a video documenting the melting of the Arctic ice.

NASA released a video showing how the Arctic ice melting evolved since 1978

The video portrays, through several animations, how the ice in the Arctic is losing volume over the years. Unlike what the scientists found when they began studying it in 1978, the North Pole’s ice of the recent decades loses strength due to the increase in the global temperature due to global warming.

If global warming will not be combated, the Arctic ice will melt completely leading to catastrophic events

If the Arctic ice will completely melt in the future, there will be hundreds of thousands of casualties among humans and animal species, as well, will become extinct due to the loss of their habitat. Besides, the average temperature of the planet would increase drastically and floods and superstorms would become part of the daily ‘routine’ of the planet Earth.

The polar thaw is undoubtedly one of the most tangible consequences of global warming and could cause the sea level to rise to 50 centimeters by the year 2100.

We are still having a lot of time to curb the climate change, such as global warming, and its negative consequences. For sure, every action, however small it may seem, can help this cause that, without a doubt, should involve all of us.

Well, NASA has released this time-lapse video to increase the awareness regarding climate change -global warming, in special- and to show that the Arctic ice melting is clearly visible over the time.

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