MDEQ to have more Supervision in the Future Thanks to a New Legislation


Environmental issues are starting to become more and more serious, but despite this reality, it appears that governments fail to support environmental protections the way they should.

A controversial legislation was passed in January by the Michigan Senate. These bills will eventually lead to a stricter oversight for the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ). The bills were supported by the republicans, they were passed to the state House of Representatives, and in the future we will have to wait until they are considered by the natural resources committee.

Why are the bills controversial?

Senate bills 652, 653 and 654 seem to worry numerous democratic state lawmakers. To start with, these bills aim to create a governor-appointed oversight panel for the Michigan Department of Environmental. However, this panel will have numerous industry seats, and only one will be reserved for an environmental group representative.

The oversight panel will have plenty of power, and it will be able to modify any environmental regulations. This could lead to catastrophic consequences, and it could affect the entire activity of the Michigan Department of Environmental.

Senate Bills

The first bill, 652 will come important changes. The Department of Environmental quality will be directly affected and it will have to abide the rules of the Environmental Rules Review Committee in the Office of Performance and Transformation.

The second Senate Bill, 652 aims to amend the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act so that the Permit Appeal Panel would be established.  Senate Bill 654 will be the one that establishes the Environmental Science Advisory Board.

Opposing the bills

Democratic Senator Rebekah Warren is one of the persons that fights to oppose the bills. Most Democrats are against these bills, despite the fact that they tried to create a similar panel with bills that were proposed in 2017/

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