Manitoba has Finally Decided to join Canada’s Climate Change Plan


After about a year of resistance, Manitoba has finally agreed to join Ottawa’s climate plan by becoming part of the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change. The interesting factor of this particular deal is that Manitoba could receive almost $67 million dollars in order to reduce carbon emissions.

This money will be given by the Low Carbon Economy Fund. This money will only be used in projects involving energy-efficient buildings or capturing carbon in agriculture.

Manitoba set a carbon price of $25 per tone, a tax that does not comply with Ottawa’s $50 per tone carbon tax, meaning that Manitoba will be safe within Ottawa’s guidelines for about 2.5 years until they will need to increase this price. Despite Manitoba’s step in the right direction with this decision, Ottawa will be closely monitoring it for compliance.

Federal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna said in a release said she is more than happy to see Manitoba join Canada’s clean energy and resources plan. She is also very pleased with Manitoba’s commitment and decision to put a price on carbon pollution.

Manitoba Sustainable Development Minister Rochelle Squires says that joining this agreement will only help the rejoin in receiving federal cash. However, this decision does not obligate Manitoba to agree to a federal carbon price schedule.

Next Wednesday is the deadline for joining this agreement.


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