Kamsack Issued A Warning For Fentanyl In The Area


People have been warned that there is fentanyl in the Kamsack area by the Saskatchewan Health Authority and the RCMP. For those that do not know, fentanyl is a painkiller that you can buy only with a prescription. It is usually added in illicit drugs as well and since it does not have a smell or a taste it is very difficult to be traced.

More information about the warning

Why was it necessary to issue this warning? Well, this warning came out after two incidents occurred in the area. The first one was on the 14th of March, when the Kamsack RCMP Detachment area was told that two individuals in the area were suspected to have taken cocaine laced with fentanyl. Happily enough, the two did not need emergency treatment.

The second incident happened when the Maidstone RCMP was called about a sudden death complaint. When they arrived they found one deceased male and a second male that was receiving emergency treatment. The second male died on the scene. The investigation is still underway but the RCMP believed the deaths to be induced by drug overdose.

The RCMP advised the public to call 911 if they think they are in possession of drugs that are laced with fentanyl. They must not bring them to the local RCMP Detachment.

The necessary advice

They have also told people that, if they decide to use drugs they should never do it alone and that people should be aware and recognize the signs of a fentanyl overdose. The main concern is not to prosecute people that have bought illicit drugs, but to ensure that nobody else dies from fentanyl overdose that could have been prevented if they only knew the signs of it. The RCMP also recognized the fact that people are not actively seeking out drugs with fentanyl but that drug dealers tend to lace them with fentanyl in order to give buyers a longer high and get them to come back for more. However, the risks could be deadly.

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