June 2019 Broke The Global Records As The Hottest Month Ever


This year’s month of June has set a rather worrying record, the European Union’s Satellite Agency stated. Last month was 2ºC (3.6ºF)​ above typical temperatures all over the world, making it the hottest June globally since records of temperature started being kept.

This news won’t come as a surprise for residents of France, which has broken the national temperature record on June the 28th, by 1.8ºC (3.4ºF​). Also, people across central Europe, where the majority of countries recorded their highest temperatures of all time or broke its records for June.

At the beginning of the month of June, Greenland lost two billion tonnes of ice that melted in just one day, long before the usual point. Many other places, including India’s capital city, Delhi, hosting a population larger than most states, set local records.

A few places also had a month that was quite cool, including untypical snowfalls in Queensland, Australia. The European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMRWF) used data from the Copernicus Climate Change Service to calculate the worldwide average as 0.1ºC higher than June 2016​, the prior record. This June was 1ºC (1.8ºF​) above the previous record for Europe.

June 2019 Was The Hottest Month Ever

A plethora of reports are glowingly attributing these climate changes to the human-made crisis, and are investigating the input humans have made to extreme weather occurrences.

Other agencies performing global temperature tracking still have to release their results, which can sometimes differ a bit, but if they discovered June 2019 missed the record, it wouldn’t be much.

Satellite records are only available from 40 years ago until now, and we’ve only had an extensive record of land and sea temperatures since the 20th century started. Substitute records based on ice centers, three rings and stalagmites are not specific enough, nor sufficiently made known to provide global evaluations before that.

However, these same proxies depict average temperatures during more extended periods were much colder than in recent years that no June since the creation of calendar is probably to have been the same.


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