Canada’s Minister of Environment Will Soon Meet To Discuss Vital Issues With Aspen Mayor


A new meeting between Canada’s Minister of Environment and Climate Change and Aspen’s Mayor is going to happen very soon. Minister Catherine McKenna is going to be in Denver during the Climate Leadership Conference.

Why is she at this meeting?

Her main purpose at this meeting is to discuss how cities are fighting to reduce their carbon print with Steve Skadron, Aspen’s mayor. He is more than excited to note that Aspen’s environmentally friendly initiatives have attracted attention on an international scale. He will also be in Denver during this conference but it looks like he is not scheduled to take part in it.

What is the Climate Leadership Conference?

For those that aren’t aware of what this conference’s main goal is, we are here to explain it to you. This conference brings together business owners, scientists and professionals from every part of the world in order to discuss and find out what new inventions, projects or political decisions can have the best positive outlook on dealing with climate change. One of the main issues that people are trying to find solutions to is sustainable energy and trying to reduce our carbon print.

What is a carbon footprint and how do we deal with it?

A carbon footprint left by a human being or a city or a whole country represents the carbon monoxide emissions. These emissions are man-made, either due to factory gases that go into the air or car gas emissions. They are more than harmful to the environment and that is why people are becoming more aware of them and trying to fight and fix the damage that has already been done.

This conference reflects the conscious efforts that people are putting into dealing with climate and environmental change. Perhaps the discussion between Aspen’s mayor and Canada’s Minister of Climate and Environmental Change will lead to the discovery of new solutions.

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