75 geese shot and dumped in Missouri


Game officials in Missouri are asking the public for help to find anyone who helped shoot and kill 75 geese and then discarded them without harvesting any meat.

The geese were found Friday dumped off a road in northern Cass County.

Conservation agent Phil Needham said the suspect was in a white Toyota pickup. He says members of Ducks Unlimited helped clean the geese and process the meat so it would not go to waste.

“We don’t know where they were killed, but they were dumped along the road around 11 o’clock at night,” Needham said. “A neighbor in the area saw them and contacted us.”

Needham says agents don’t know where the geese were killed before they were dumped along the road late at night.

Officials say the meat was able to be processed and will not be wasted.

Needham asked anyone with information about the wanton waste case to call him at 816-809-6259. It’s possible the culprit could face charges of wanton waste and littering.

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