Blockchain Technology Targeted By Chinese Government’s Standardization Plans For IT


The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China published today a series of guidelines that it will be following during 2018 to standardize services related to software and information, among which is the use of blockchain technology. This plan consists of seven aspects that range from the creation of committees (in charge of the standardization of certain technological services) to the implementation of a dynamic management that allows the operation -in real time- of each standardization platform.

At the blockchain technology level, the first of the steps that the Chinese Government intends to take is the establishment of a National Committee for the Standardization of Distributed Accounting Technology. This committee, together with the Department of Information Services, will be responsible for evaluating information storage services in the cloud, especially focused on the business area.

Chinese government want to establish clear schemes and guidelines on how the blockchain technology must be used in China

Through the aforementioned evaluations, it is intended to develop standards for this type of storage services in order to strengthen its use and the study of open source patterns.

Another of the steps established in this plan of the Government of China is the adaptation between national and international models, of what each committee will be in charge of according to the area in which it works. Regarding the blockchain technology, there is a variety of international initiatives that China could take as a reference to establish schemes for its use.

The establishment of this series of guidelines by the Chinese government happens a few days after the Chinese Investment Association, an entity led by the same government, launched the initiative called the Global Blockchain Investment Development Center (GBIDC), whose purpose is to promote the development of the blockchain technology in the Asian nation, as well as the establishment of standards that govern the industry.

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