Solar Energy and Fuel Cells Courses to be Held in Manchester


You can now register for a Solar Energy and Fuel Cells course, which will keep running from the 19th until the 23rd of March 2018 at the Wigton Renewable Energy Training Lab, which is placed in Rose Hill, Manchester.

What is the course about, to be precise?

The course will give registrants a prologue to Solar Photovoltaic Systems (SPS) types, plans, measurement and quantity. What’s more, students will have the chance to comprehend site assessments, system installation and methods for estimating productivity and also they’ll get some information about fuel cells, stockpiling and application. The educational program will likewise cover the controls and endorsements related to the Photovoltaic Systems.

As they keep on fulfilling their objective of building capacity when it comes to renewable power sources, they will offer different courses that cover basic parts of the train, in order to expand the information and capacities of individual experts and professionals working in the business.

Why are they important?

We need to support people who are keen on exploiting the rising employment and business changes in the renewable power source industry, to prepare them by enlisting them in the courses, which are being offered at the Wigton Training Lab.

The Wigton Renewable Energy Training Lab was opened in 2016, November to be precise, and it offers courses regarding solar photovoltaics, wind power, bioenergy and energy conservation. These educational programs are conveyed through workshops, lectures and practical work done in labs.

About a second course…

Keep in mind that from the 16th of April until the 20th of April 2018, the training lab will also put up some courses regarding the solar energy and technologies, building assessments and energy audits. We highly recommend them, as they’re really important for the next generation of young professionals in this domain.

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