Ontario: Farmer Urges Sale of Raw Milk


OTTAWA – A farmer in eastern Ontario who is the subject to an order to stop selling raw milk hopes to convince the province’s authorities to let him continue.

Since 2010, Michale Ilgert has been proposing unpasteurized milk from an arrangement involving his farm near Golden Lake, Ontario.

In November 2016, Renfrew County and District Health Authorities issued an order to cease and desist from continuing these commercial activities.

The Government of Ontario emphasizes that unpasteurized milk poses significant health risks to the public. The sale and distribution of such a product is prohibited by law in the province, but its consumption is considered legal.

Mr. Ilgert is scheduled to appear before the Ontario Health Appeal and Review Board on Tuesday. It intends to argue that raw milk is a healthy option that responds to growing consumer demand.

The farmer should also be accompanied by Michael Schmidt, a farmer who advocates for the same cause and whose judicial struggle went to the highest Canadian court.

In 2014, the Supreme Court refused to hear Mr. Schmidt’s appeal, challenging a judgment convicting him of 13 counts under the Health Protection, Promotion and Protection Act The Milk Act.


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