Manitoba Grain Farmers Group: A Step Toward Merger


The idea of ​​merging five organizations representing Manitoba grain farmers was at the heart of recent consultations in Winnipeg. A decision should be made before May.

Last month, at the Saint-Jean-Baptiste Agricultural Fair, the Manitoba Corn, Flax, Legume and Soybean, Wheat and Barley Associations and the Canadian Sunflower Association presented growers a proposal for a merger.

The goal is to improve their research skills and to speak with one voice.

A consultation was held last Wednesday and Thursday in Winnipeg, where the Executive Director of the Manitoba Lentil and Soybean Association, François Labelle, took part.

He felt that the discussions had been fruitful and that both the questions and the answers had been relevant. He also states that each of the parties was able to present his arguments.

“I think we have over 50% in favor, but we need more support than that. Farmer groups want to know if we have support or not and for that they need more information, “says Labelle.

According to him, however, it would require a higher percentage of favorable people, or nearly 60%, to consider that the merger project enjoys broad support from farmers.

François Labelle said that discussions will now continue between the five organizations.

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