A Bioherbicide Produced By Quebec Company Premier Tech Up To Replace Chemical Pesticides


In early April 2018, the Quebec government unveiled a new biofood policy announcing the intention to double the area of Quebec reserved for organic production. Sustainable agriculture is no longer a fad but a new way of thinking about today’s agriculture. Also, an organic selective bioherbicide shows promising results.

A year ago, Premier Tech signed an agreement with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) to develop a selective bioherbicide. This agreement should facilitate the sale and marketing of this new product. The companies that come out of the partnership have as their common goal to make this product accessible and to make it a commercial success on a large scale.

Selective bioherbicide

The selective herbicide, developed by the Quebec company Premier Tech, is a mushroom that has the ability to eliminate broadleaf weeds, including dandelions.

It makes it possible to replace the traditional pesticides used in the fields by the simple work of farmers or households on their private lands. It is a biological alternative and a more environmentally-friendly pesticide in comparison with chemical pesticides.

The company now aims to reduce the costs for its bioherbicide

Pierre Talbot, Senior Vice President Innovation at Premier Tech explains that “after a public competition held two years ago, Premier Tech obtained the rights to this innovative and environmentally friendly product.”

Besides, “the rigorous work done by AAFC researchers has revealed the great potential of this new selective herbicide based on a natural microorganism (mushroom) for the residential and agricultural markets,” said Pierre Talbot, the VP at Premier Tech.

In addition, he adds that this type of active ingredient could actually be promising but that the main challenge is to reduce production costs so that the mushroom-based selective bioherbicide to be more affordable and accessible to all. On the other hand, the collaboration with AAFC makes it possible to market the product on a large scale.


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